Sept. 20, 2021

Alex Goldfayn: Pick Up The Phone and Sell!

Alex Goldfayn: Pick Up The Phone and Sell!

Alex Goldfayn: Pick Up the Phone and Sell!

In this episode, Sarah Tenisi speaks with Alex Goldfayn, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy. His specialty is motivating sales teams, executives, and owners to take action and quickly increase revenue. On September 22, 2021, he released his newest book Pick Up The Phone and Sell: How Proactive Calls to Customers and Prospects Can Double Your Sales.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [02:12] Two nuggets of wisdom from Alex that has helped Sarah in working on instead of in her business

●      [03:57] Why Alex wrote his latest book

●      [08:51] The problem with email

●      [11:12] What Pick Up the Phone and Sell teaches about phone calls

●      [14:50] Where Alex got his start as a sales coach

●      [20:05] Alex on being “born an entrepreneur”

●      [25:59] Why nobody fails more than salespeople

●      [31:21] Developing the mindset to crush selling

●      [41:57] Having your prospects remember you

●      [48:27] Is cold calling dead?

Key quotes:

●      “If you’re in B2B sales, the phone is so effective that it’s the most effective sales growth tool that we have. Also, it’s the most avoided and least-used sales tool that we have. Meanwhile, the least effective sales pathway, which is email, is used the most.”

●      “I think that, when you send an email, you hurt your sale more than you help it. [...] You make yourself more distant from the sale.”

●      “We have to walk through those nos in order to get to the yeses, because if we don’t attain the rejections, we won’t get to the yeses. Each no gets you closer to the next yes.”

●      “I think the greatest superpower in selling is perseverance.”

●      “We have so much in common with people now that I don’t think there really are any cold calls. Cold calling assumes you have nothing in common.”

Alex’s Other Books

●      Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon, and Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn't)

●      The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% in 15 Minutes Per Day

●      Selling Boldly: Applying the New Science of Positive Psychology to Dramatically Increase Your Confidence, Happiness, and Sales

●      5-Minute Selling: The Proven, Simple System That Can Double Your Sales ... Even When You Don't Have Time