June 13, 2024

Julia Tunstall: Cocktails, Mocktails and Getting Started With AI!

Julia Tunstall: Cocktails, Mocktails and Getting Started With AI!

In this episode of "Tech Me Seriously," host Sarah Tenisi, CEO of TenisiTech, welcomes Julia Tunstall, co-founder of A Bar Above, a company dedicated to making craft cocktail skills  and high-end barware accessible to everyone. Julia and Sarah discuss Julia's transition from a career in project and data management at life sciences companies to co-founding A Bar Above. Julia shares her passion for cocktails and how she and her husband created a successful business that blends online cocktail education with the sale of premium barware.

They explore how Julia's team has integrated AI into their business processes, using tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney. Julia describes various practical applications of AI, from generating images for blog posts to assisting in drafting emails. The conversation includes insights into alleviating team members' fears about AI taking over jobs and encouraging them to experiment with these technologies.

Julia highlights their innovative approach, including the creation of AI avatars dubbed "Abe" and "Abby," which they use to better understand and engage with their customer base. The discussion also touches on the growing trend of mocktails and their importance in the current market.

The episode wraps up with practical advice on how businesses can get started with AI and the importance of being cautious about data privacy and the impact of AI on different industries.