April 1, 2021

Hernani Alves: How to Fall in Love with Accountability

Hernani Alves: How to Fall in Love with Accountability

In this episode, Sarah Tenisi speaks with Hernani Alves, a public speaker and the Founder and Chief Motivation Officer at Balanced IQ Leadership. He serves leaders to help make the most complex business skill awesomely simple, by helping their teams fall in love with accountability to maximize workplace culture.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [01:19] How Hernani’s work was impacted by COVID-19

●      [03:35] The origin of the name “Hernani”

●      [04:40] Is enthusiasm innate or developed?

●      [06:22] The importance of listening to your customers and employees

●      [09:31] The lack of accountability in American workplace culture

●      [11:58] What to do if an organization’s culture is nonexistent

●      [15:05] Defining your company’s Purpose, Values, and Vision

●      [17:09] The First P: Positive Accountability

●      [18:40] The story of Hernani’s terrible nickname as a first-time manager

●      [23:53] The Second P: Personal Accountability

●      [31:27] Why love and accountability is the same thing

●      [33:20] The Third P: Performance Accountability

●      [37:53] The problem with “carrot and stick” leadership

●      [43:28] How to get people to stop making excuses

●      [46:19] Is there a limit to how much a leader can teach or inspire someone?

●      [51:45] Why entrepreneurs need to regularly check their ego

●      [56:05] The Fourth P: Peer-To-Peer Accountability

Key quotes:

●      “The most important customer you have is your internal customer—your employees.”

●      “People can’t make you feel the way you do. You make yourself feel that way.”

●      “If you want to be a really good salesperson, you stop the talking and start listening to your customer.”

●      “You can’t have a high-performance culture if you don’t have accountability standards.”

●      “You’ve heard of soft skills and hard skills. Accountability is neither—it’s a foundational skill.”

●      “The definition of leadership is to make others greater than themselves.”

●      “People want to be where they feel like they’re being heard. It’s seldom about the money.”

●      “What you permit, you promote.”