Feb. 16, 2021

Jill Stelfox: Leading with Offense & the Return of Kindness at Work

Jill Stelfox: Leading with Offense & the Return of Kindness at Work

This week, Sarah Tenisi (CEO of Tenisi Tech) chats with Jill Stelfox , the CEO of Panzura in Silicon Valley.  Panzura is the fabric that transforms cloud storage into a high-performance global file system. The conversation ranges from listening with curiosity, trusting intuition, going on the offense and being kind to one another at work!

0:17- Introduction

1.32- Working with Zebra Technology, Location Solutions and player tracking in the NFL

4:42- How the project  changed the way broadcasters used stats

5:59- Applying technology that has never been applied before

7:15- The two types of listening and how it influences a company ( Listening for curiosity and listening to respond)

8:00- Intuition and how it helps

9:11- Listening with curiosity is also listening to learn

11:30- How did you reach the point where you decided to trust your intuition?

14:30 – Nobody knows anything - just say yes and then figure it out!

16:11- Writing job descriptions that are more friendly to women

17:23- Where does competition come to play?

21:24- How to become competitive from a business standpoint and also harnessing defensiveness and turning it to competition

21:53- Using offense rather than defense

24:00- How did you surround yourself with good coaches and good mentors

25:00- How people impact lives in little ways without even knowing

31:22- Having different coaches as you progress

32:03- How do you connect being a good listener, trusting your guts and getting a good coach to enable a great team?

32:27- As a person who has been in different companies and top leadership roles, do you think the culture that we are trying to build as leaders has changed in the last 10 to 15 years and what are those elements that are changing?

40:18- Being kind in work makes employees loyal

41:13- Are there qualities that women or men bring to the table to enable them lead through the pandemic?

44:58- How the pandemic has made people become authentic

46:23- How Pandora is incorporating working remotely and breaking the circle

52:23- Enabling that family feeling in work

55:52- Appreciation and conclusion



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