Aug. 1, 2021

JM Ryerson: Let's Go Win: The Keys to Living Your Best Life

JM Ryerson: Let's Go Win: The Keys to Living Your Best Life
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In this episode, Sarah Tenisi speaks with JM Ryerson, Co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win, a professional training and coaching organization focused on helping people develop the mindset to allow them to succeed. JM is the author of Let's Go Win: The Keys To Living Your Best Life (2020) which outlines the tools that he uses to bring about this success.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [01:30] Why JM wrote his book

●      [03:46]Allowing your kids to skin their knees

●      [05:16] Coming up with the 12 facets of life covered in the book

●      [08:11] What led JM to write his book and start his company afterwards

●      [11:04] Defining “vulnerability” and “authenticity”

●      [18:48] Helping your team deal with personal issues

●      [23:32] Why fun is a non-negotiable for JM

●      [27:40] How to build a routine

●      [34:46] JM’s upcoming playbook

●      [37:54] What to do if a passion turns into a chore

●      [41:46] Why you don’t need to have it “all figured out”

Key quotes:

●      “‘The most important chapter starts with taking the mask off.”

●      “I can work with ‘don’t know how’ all day long. It’s the ‘can’t’s and the ‘won’t’s where I’m like, ‘Eh, you’re probably not the best client for me.’”

●      “You cannot please everyone. That is a guarantee.”

●      “Take care of your mind, your body, and your soul. That’s the most basic routine you can do.”

●      “If anybody says they have it all figured out, whether they’re a parent or a leader, they’re full of it.”