April 28, 2022

Maria Dion: From Scarcity to Sufficiency - Understanding What's Enough!

Maria Dion: From Scarcity to Sufficiency - Understanding What's Enough!

In this episode, Sarah Tenisi speaks with Maria Dion, who has a long career in project management of the built environment.

Ten years ago, in an effort to develop a better relationship with money, she read The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, and then participated in a workshop digging more into those concepts.

Those experiences led her to coach on transforming mindsets from scarcity to sufficiency. To learn more about this work, go to Maria’s website, www.mariadion.com.

Listen in as Maria explains why we never feel like we have “enough”, and why having more seldom equates to greater peace and satisfaction. She speaks of money as a representation of your values—as energy flowing through your life.

Maria discusses why you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about money and that you should, in fact, actively seek to have productive and inspiring conversations with others in an effort to improve your relationship with money.

Finally, Maria talks about switching from a mindset of “scarcity” to that of “sufficiency”, and how such a transition positively influences every aspect of your life, and even the lives of those around you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [01:59] How one figures out how much is “enough”

●      [05:09] Being a “consumer” versus being a “citizen"

●      [10:44] Transitioning from the mindset of “scarcity” to that of “sufficiency”

●      [15:12] Practicing gratitude

●      [18:43] Why it’s important to talk about money

●      [21:23] How to be a good steward of your money

●      [27:17] Looking beyond your current circumstances to find solutions

●      [34:52] How your life changes once you switch from a mindset of scarcity to that of sufficiency

Key quotes:

●      “You can’t get to peace and satisfaction through the doorway of more.”

●      “Sufficiency is love. Scarcity is fear.”

●      “The way you do money is the way you do life.”

●      “Sufficiency touches every part of our lives. It’s not just about money.”