Feb. 1, 2021

Marilou McFarlane: Sports Technology and Democratizing Access for All.

Marilou McFarlane: Sports Technology and Democratizing Access for All.

Welcome to this episode of Tech Me Seriously with Sarah Tenisi  -  candid conversations with women exploring their passion for what they do. Our guest in today’s episode is Marilou Macfarlane who is the founder of women in sports technology, nonprofit organization focused on driving opportunities for women in sports technology. 

 Episode Highlight and show notes

1; 12- What is sports technology?

2:17- Sports performance and fan engagement in eSports

3:16- Breaking down the broad umbrella of sports tech into 6 categories

5:11- Biomechanics and sports performance

7:22- Artificial intelligence and sports technology

13:12- The concept of aptitude

14:18- The difference between Sport Tech and Fit Tech

18:51- Some game-changers in the overall sports industry that helped in adoption

21:43- Wearing GPS trackers during practice

25:14- Balance with technology and how to correct it when our lives get off balance

28:15- Democratizing access with women in sports technology

33:22- What did you think you were going to do when you were growing up?

42:05- Going for your passion as a woman

43:08- You can get various materials and resources from the website : https://www.womeninsportstech.org

44:20- Appreciation and Conclusion



Thank you for listening to this amazing episode with Sarah Tenisi and our wonderful guest Marilou MacFarlane. We believe you enjoyed this episode and look forward to having you again; until then, Stay safe.


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