April 19, 2021

Vanessa Allen: Succeed in Marketing by Offering Value, Information, Help and Community.

Vanessa Allen: Succeed in Marketing by Offering Value, Information, Help and Community.

In this episode, Sarah Tenisi speaks with Vanessa Allen, Director of Demand Generation at RevCult and Principal Consultant at Allen Associates. She is a growth marketing expert and brand builder who has successfully created multi-channel and online integrated marketing programs. She is known for her industry experience in SaaS technology, sports and active lifestyle, travel, gifts, home and hard goods.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [01:12] What was marketing 10-15 years ago and what is it today?

●      [04:32] How marketing technologies have evolved over time

●      [11:56] Why today’s social media are perfect brand-building tools

●      [13:33] B2B marketing challenges on social media

●      [16:06] Navigating cancel culture while building a brand on social media

●      [19:08] Letting discussions on your social media posts happen freely

●      [23:30] How marketers’ responsibilities changed with access to big data

●      [26:07] How should companies break through the noise?

●      [30:09] Looking at negative feedback as a gift

●      [33:40] The most important marketing tactics today

●      [38:12] Measuring the impact of marketing activities on your bottom line

●      [40:52] Developing a marketing strategy

●      [44:38] Balancing form and function with regard to your branding

●      [47:53] How a small business can offer an enterprise-level experience

●      [51:40] The true value of authenticity

Key quotes:

●      “There are so many elements in marketing that it’s easy to take your eyes off the primary goal, which is to connect with your audience.”

●      “It’s pretty well established that people make emotional decisions and rationalize them afterwards.”

●      “As a B2B brand, getting access to your audience, building your database, and finding the channels where you can reach them is harder work than it is for a B2C brand which has a lot more latitude to create a brand that is more emotional or fun.”

●      “Forget about B2B. It’s still human-to-human, so find a way to connect in a human way.”

●      “If you can use your customer’s voice, it’s always more powerful. That’s why social media is powerful. It lets real people be real.”

●      “Marketing is a strategy. Sales is tactical.”

●      “Social proof isn’t social media. Social proof is a real person benefiting from your product or service.”

●      “There is so much noise and it’s difficult to understand who really has something important to offer and who doesn’t. So, the better you get at telling your story and what you believe your value is, and the more authentically you can do that and the better you connect with your audience, you’ll be more successful.”