May 22, 2023

Matt Homann: Let's Not Have a Meeting About a Meeting!

Matt Homann: Let's Not Have a Meeting About a Meeting!

In this episode - Sarah chats with Matt Homann.
Matt is the Founder of Filament, and inventor of Thinksgiving and is passionate about helping people think, meet and learn together better. 

Are your meetings feeling lackluster and unproductive? It's time to shake things up and transform your gatherings into dynamic, engaging experiences that leave participants inspired and motivated. In this fast-paced world, effective meetings are essential for driving progress and fostering collaboration. From incorporating interactive activities and setting clear objectives to leveraging technology and creating a positive atmosphere, Matt, our guest for today will equip you with a toolkit of strategies to revolutionize your meetings and unleash the full potential of your team. 


Today, Matt shares the meaning of helping smart people think together better, why many meetings are terrible and the things he hates the most in meetings. He also talks about why people waste a lot of time in meetings, some of the great meeting behaviors, and ways to balance power and engagements in zoom meetings. Lastly, he discusses his upcoming book: Think Together Better. Tune in to learn more about this and other exciting topics!



[00:32] Matt Homann’s background information

[01:01] The meaning of helping people think together better

[01:55] Why a lot of meetings are terrible

[03:58] The things that Matt hates about meetings

[11:18] Why people waste a lot of time in meetings

[13:33] Some of the great meeting behaviors

[19:38] Tips to balance power and engagements in Zoom meetings

[25:56] The great things that we get from remote meetings

[31:15] How is Matt the meeting guy and how did he decide to help people think together better after being an attorney?

[37:38] 5 common challenges with people in organizations and meetings

[41:51] Idea Surplus Disorder

[48:44] About Matt’s upcoming book: Think Together Better

[51:35] What is Thinksgiving?

Notable quotes:

●      “An eight person meeting is an eight hour meeting.”

●      “Being really intentional about what engagements looks like in meetings is really important.”

●      “Don’t have a meeting if it’s just intentional. Record a video and then have a conversation about other people’s thoughts and perceptions of that.”

●      “Nothing is obvious to everyone but everything is obvious to someone.”

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